Radio 101.5 FM | Milwaukee's Classic Country

John Bilkey
Engineer, Station Manager

Founded WJEB radio in 2013, and designed the antenna setup. John is studying to be an Electrical Engineer at the Milwaukee School of Engineering. The WJEB callsign is based on John’s initials. John is a member of W9HHX, MSOE's Amateur Radio club. An avid fisherman, John is also a member of the MSOE Fishing Team. Most recently, John was recruited to be an electrical engineer on the MSOE Supermileage team.
Phil Gokhman
Memelord and Discord Expert

Phil is studying to be a Computer Engineer at the Milwaukee School of Engineering. Phil enjoys listening to modern rap music.
Charlie Newman
Blinker Fluid Supplier

Charlie's voice is featured in many of our jingles. He is a fan of heavy metal and Jimmy Buffett's tropical rock, and is studying to be a mechanical engineer at Clemson University.
Nathan Jay
Musician and Parrothead

Nathan is training to be a pilot through a program with UW-Oshkosh and Fox Valley Technical School. Nathan enjoys listening to classic hits, and Jimmy Buffett's entire collection of discography.