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These are some of the cool things I've made in my free time or for classes.


                      432 Oscilloscope Photo
MSP 432 Oscilloscope
This is an oscilloscope I made for my embedded systems course at MSOE. It records values from the analog to digital converter into an array and displays them on an LCD. My project implemented many features that weren't required. I have 3 scale levels, horizontal scrolling with analog input from a potentiometer, and I utilized the full resolution of my LCD. The MSP 432 microcontroller was programmed in C.
YouTube Demonstration    View the code on GitHub
Doorbell Photo
Contact Free Doorbell
I built a doorbell for my dorm room in 2019, but having everyone push a doorbell button is not the best idea during a global pandemic. I designed a circuit using parts I had that would run the bell's motor when a finger or other object is inserted in-between a LED and photoresistor.
YouTube Demonstration     Schematic
Linear Power Supply Photo
12V Linear Power Supply
I built a low noise linear power supply for my CB Radio with scrap parts from around the house during my winter break. This was my first project that would directly connect to mains voltage. It is made with a doorbell transformer, full bridge rectifier, smoothing and filtering capacitors, and a LM 7812 regulator.


C# / Visual Basic
A simple program that runs in your system tray and lets you copy bread emojis to your clipboard. Designed to be used with Discord. Compatible with Windows 98+.

JohnOS 10
A lightweight alternative to the Windows shell, made with C# and

RPN Calculator
My custom RPN Calculator based on HP models. Supports complex numbers and is programmable.

JohnOS 9
A Modern Windows XP themed desktop environment made in Scratch. I've been developing JohnOS since 2015.

Krumpack Whale 2
New graphics, new enemies, one legendary whale.
BlackBerry 10 Simulator
A BlackBerry 10 simulator made with screenshots from my BlackBerry Classic. It has working active frames! I have very few sprites in it, and most of the space it takes up is from music. I created this to work on making efficient UIs and work on mobile compatibility made possible with Scratch 3. Instead of having a sprite for every button, I have grid-based buttons.

New York 2017
A silly parody of Hong Kong 97 inspired by the Angry Video Game Nerd. I started working on this game in Tech Club during 2015.

Super Mario Sevenfold 4
The fourth Super Mario Sevenfold game. Adds Super Mario World style graphics and power-ups!

Super Mario Sevenfold 3
The third Super Mario Sevenfold game.

Super Mario Sevenfold 2
The sequel to Super Mario Sevenfold.

Super Mario Sevenfold
A dark, mysterious game similar to Super Mario Bros inspired by Avenged Sevenfold.

Krumpack Whale
A whale and it's struggle for survival in a Biology class themed game.

A remake of the classic arcade game.

Campaign '16 (Scratch)
A game based on the 2016 election, and a prequel to New York New York 2017.

Le Slot
A Slot machine program I made for my final project in AP Computer Science A. Powered by

Campaign '16 (Freedoom)
A 3D-first person shooter based on the 2016 election, and a prequel to New York New York 2017.

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