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My Featured Websites

Radio WJEB Radio
My radio station, broadcasting on the airwaves and on Discord!
                        hourglass Bangaroo
A database of all sorts of things my friends and I put together.
Computer JohnOS
If you miss Windows 98 or XP, JohnOS is my replacement shell for Windows that looks like 98/XP.
Movie action
                        clapper JohnTube
A site I made in middle school to host videos when YouTube was blocked from our network.

On The Web

I have quite the digital footprint!

CrackBerry The #1 Site for BlackBerry Users and Abusers!
Discord johnb_xp#9074
DTube A decentralized, blockchain based video platform.
GitHub GitHub is a popular website for managing and sharing code for open source projects.
Instagram I frequently share photos on Instagram.
LinkedIn I'd love to connect with you on LinkedIn to build my professional network.
OpenStreetMap I have contributed a lot to mapping rural Wisconsin and my hometown.
Reddit The Frontpage of the Internet
Scratch Scratch is an extremely complex, high level abstraction layer for cloud based computing and script execution.
Steam I pretty much only play TF2 and Minecraft. You can see my stats and add me as a friend on Steam.
YouTube My YouTube channel is largely a place for instructional videos and videos for classes.

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