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Krumpack Whale

Windows version tested on Windows 98+

Download for Windows   Web (Experimental)
NEW: Bored of the original game? Get the Extreme Version (Windows)  (Web)

The Story:
You're the first of a new species of whale. Live through the struggle for survival and fend off the evil wet noodles, and even the HIV virus in a Biology class themed game.

How to Play:
The Krumpack Whale Test is a multi-stage aerobic capacity test that progressively gets more difficult as it continues. The noodle speed starts slowly, but gets faster as time passes. On your mark, get ready, START Use the arrow keys to move up and down, and space bar to shoot

Mitosis - Kill 2 "Wet Noodles" with 1 strand of DNA
Meiosis - Kill 4 "Wet Noodles" with 1 strand of DNA
Noodles & Krumpany - Shoot 20 noodles
Natural Selection - Die 5 times
    And a TON more

Old Versions:
Archive   Has older, and Adobe Flash powered versions
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