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I love writing programs, here's a list of my best ones.

C# / Visual Basic
JohnOS 10
A lightweight alternative to the Windows shell, made with C# and Visual Basic.

Le Slot
A Slot machine program I made for my final project in AP Computer Science A. Powered by

RPN Calculator

My custom RPN Calculator based on HP models.

Krumpack Whale 2
New graphics, new enemies, one legendary whale.
BlackBerry 10 Simulator
A BlackBerry 10 simulator made with screenshots from my BlackBerry Classic. It has working active frames! I have very few sprites in it, and most of the space it takes up is from music. I created this to work on making efficient UIs and work on mobile compatibility made possible with Scratch 3. Instead of having a sprite for every button, I have grid-based buttons.

JohnOS 9
A Modern Windows XP themed desktop environment made in Scratch. I've been developing JohnOS since 2015.

New York 2017
A silly parody of Hong Kong 97 inspired by the Angry Video Game Nerd. I started working on this game in Tech Club during 2015.

Super Mario Sevenfold
A dark, mysterious game similar to Super Mario Bros inspired by Avenged Sevenfold.

Super Mario Sevenfold 2
The sequel to Super Mario Sevenfold.

Super Mario Sevenfold 3
The third Super Mario Sevenfold game.
Krumpack Whale
A whale and it's struggle for survival in a Biology class themed game.

A remake of the classic arcade game.

Campaign '16 (Scratch)
A game based on the 2016 election, and a prequel to New York New York 2017.

Campaign '16 (Freedoom)
A 3D-first person shooter based on the 2016 election, and a prequel to New York New York 2017.

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