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Campaign 16 (Freedoom)

Download for MS-DOS
Download for Windows 9x/NT (OpenGL 2.0)

This is under construction, but I think it's pretty stable now. WAD is still buggy.

Screenshot of

By the way, The NT Doom  wad will crash on DOS because of high-res textures. For the DOS version, if sound doesn't work go into the files and run "setup.exe". "Exit Setup and Play DooM 2" will launch Freedoom. Exit and run the .bat file to play the game.

A prequel to New York New York 2017. Ronald Dump and Dillary Clyntin are running for office. Both are crazy and you are the only fit candidate. They are fully aware of this, and have assembled armies of thugs to beat up anyone who tries to vote for you. You have to gun down their armies and keep the vote fair. If you fail, Dillary may become resurrected as an astrodemoniod and send aliens through the manhattan portal to destroy New York in 2017.

If Ronald Dump wins, the world will fall into chaos and World War III will begin.

System Requirements for DOS version:
    *486 Processor at at least 66Mhz, any Pentium/Athlon
    * 8MB of RAM
    * MS-DOS, Windows 1/2/3/95/98/ME, DOSBox

System Requirements for Windows NT version:
    *Windows 98 with OpenGL 2? Probably Windows 2000+

dank image of kuehl and merica and eagle

Powered by Freedoom and GZDoom
Special thanks to Mr. Kuehl for appearing as our hero.
Music - Megadeth, Metallica, the Team America theme
DOOM's engine and Freedoom are open sourced.
Campaign '16 (Freedoom)

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