What is Block to Block FM?
A weekly radio show hosted by John Bilkey.
Our broadcasts begin with analyzing current events, and we'll dig into conspiracy theories later in the show.

Block to Block FM is broadcasted from deep in the Vernon Hills High School.

Broadcast Time: Around 8:40AM - 9:10AM Every "Late Start" Wednesday

Listen at
90.5 FM

March 15, 2017 - Live Broadcast / Range Test

To be determined

Download recent broadcasts:
January 25, 2017 - " Trumpmerica and the first executive orders" Download

The Recycle Bin (Bad broadcasts):
January 18, 2017 - "The Pizza Roll Conspiracy and random conversations" Our first broadcast, so expect the next ones to be MUCH better.
It's a bit quiet and the broadcast was more of an equipment test. Download

February 3, 2017 - "Open Lines" Live Broadcast Download

I'm editing the February 22, 2017 broadcast. Editing these files takes lots of work some broadcasts may have been so bad that I haven't bothered to remaster them. You can always listen to the show live, and just because there isn't a recording doesn't mean the show was never broadcasted.

Get NextRadio

Did you know, you can listen to Block to Block FM with your phone using NextRadio?

    Download the NextRadio app for Android (may or may not work with your phone)
    Swipe right (from the far left of the screen) -or- tap on the top left of the app where you see the NextRadio icon.

    Scroll down the list and tap "Basic Tuner" and tune to 90.5.

JohnRadio and Block to Block FM are not endorsed by or related to the Vernon Hills High School.