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About Me

I'm an eccentric young man with a passion for technology and learning. I'm at the Milwaukee School of Engineering studying to be an Electrical Engineer. I worked at Brookdale Senior Living from July 2017 to September 2019 as a server.

My hobbies are...

  • Listening to and transmitting on AM, FM, CB, and Amateur Radio bands.
  • Playing computer games.
    • Team Fortress 2
    • Doom
  • Fishing.
  • Programming in C, Java,, sometimes Scratch (my guilty pleasure).
  • Working on circuit boards and with analog circuits.
  • Working on my BlackBerry and loading software on it that it should never be able to run.

Clubs and Activities

  • MSOE Libertarians - President and Founder
  • MSOE Supermileage Vehicle - Electrical Engineer
  • MSOE Amateur Radio Club - Publicity Chairperson
  • MSOE Student Union Board - Bingo Man
  • MSOE Fishing Team

More Fun Facts

  • I love impressionist / realist paintings of wildlife and natural landscapes.
  • I enjoy listening to oldies and classic country music.

Nice Rock Bass I caught up
        north Homecoming 2018

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