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Netscape/IE "Maybe nobody goes to your web site because it's about you."

Welcome to my world wide web page! You'll find links to my games, software, and other websites here as well as information about me.

Latest News
It's Corona Time
Hopefully you have stayed healthy during this pandemic that we are navigating through. I have been super busy with my online classes, but I recently found time to update the "My Sites" tab with a big list of links to my online profiles. I also completely redesigned the WJEB Radio website, I have removed the overclock from my web server because its uptime has taken a bit of a hit recently for some reason.
April 29, 2019
MSOE Move-In
I'm off to college tomorrow! Thank you all for making my high school years so fun, and I know I'll have a blast with the Class of 2023. Go Raiders!
September 2, 2019
New Pictures in "About Me"
Prom was a blast, and you can see some fancy photos we took.
May 4, 2019
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